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"She turned her can't into cans and her dreams into plans." ~ Kobi Yamada

Life has temporarily taken a detour and aMuse You is in temporary hibernation while I pursue another dream.
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In the meantime, I leave you with inspiration to invest from my Manifesto.

manifesto, modus operandi, tenet, creed, dogma…<

Whatever the terminology…

It is not just a mode of operating, it is a method of living – small measures that add up to big accomplishments.

LIVE Life – Don’t let your passion(s) become unfinished business.
Be the best you.
Mistakes should be learned from, not repeated.
Don’t be afraid to live big. Be afraid of not trying.
Be like Gumby – flexible.
Become a solution rather than the problem.
If you take yourself too seriously, no one else will.

Don’t lose the wonder of a child.
SHARE Life – Do something nice for someone each day. 
Listen sincerely with two ears and a receptive heart.
Impress yourself first. Others are simple.
Let it go. The only person unforgiveness hurts is you.
Strong does not imply rude. Nice does not suggest weakness.
Say “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” – they are very under used.

INSPIRE Life – Encourage each other.
Everyone wants to be inspired. Start with yourself.
Celebrate the victories – no matter how small.
Tomorrow is a new day. Close the chapter on a bad day and open a new one in the morning.
Your purpose in life could be your effect on one person’s day.
Life is a JOURNEY – Don’t just buy a ticket. Get on the ride and buckle up.
Complacency is not an option.
Look for the opportunity in the obstacle.
The world is your oyster. Care passionately about it.
Hate is a very strong word.
It’s never too late to be happy.
It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.
A book is more than the cover – look deeper.
Curiosity did not kill the cat. It bore a litter of possibilities.
ENJOY Life – It’s the little things that count and add up to the big ones.
It’s the journey, not the final destination.
Break the monotony. Try something new today.
Handwritten letters are a dying art.
Get at least one stamp on your passport each year.
Let your skin feel kissed by the sun.
Never pass up a swing set without swinging in it
Make your taste buds do a happy dance.
Stop and smell the flowers (and puppy breath).
Laugh until your belly aches, pause for breath, then do it again.

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